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CND Shellac Manicure / Pedicure

CND Shellac Manicure / Pedicure – Pinner

Below I list all my CND Shellac Manicure / Pedicure treatments.

CND Shellac Manicure

Come and enjoy a relaxing treatment

With this shellac manicure, choosing from a wide range of colours This treatment consists of cutting and filing the nails, removing the cuticles, buffing the nails to make them smooth, applying the wonderful shellac to the nails and lastly a relaxing massage to help with circulation. CND shellac delivers 14days + of high gloss shine. Perfect if you are going away and would like the nails to last without chipping. There is no drying time so you are ready to go as soon as the treatment is completed. CND shellac is amazing because it will not damage the nails.


CND Shellac Luxury Manicure

This wonderful treatment will help to remove the dead skin cells from the skins surface.

A deeply hydrating mask is used to soften the skin, the hands are carefully wrapped in cling film and heated mitts are used to penetrate the goodness of the mask into the skin. CND shellac is then applied and cured under a safe UV light. Moisturising hand cream is then used to help with circulation. This results driven treatment will leave your skin silky smooth, aswell as the 14days+ high gloss shine delivered by CND Shellac.


CND Shellac Pedicure

A long lasting pedicure that will leave you feeling great A therapeutic treatment for your feet.

The feet are soaked in salts to soften the skin, and replenish hydration Once the feet have been soaked the toenails are then cut and filed.

Cuticles and gently pushed back and trimmed. The hard skin is removed, leaving the soles of your feet soft.

A rich luxury foot cream is applied to the calves and feet, improving circulation and hydration. The nails are then prepped and CND shellac is then applied.


Luxury CND Shellac Pedicure

This treatment is the perfect answer for tired aching feet, aswell as a lasting high gloss finish with the amazing CND shellac.

Soaking the feet in luxury salts, to soften the skin Cutting and filing the nails, cutting away the cuticles, buffing to smooth the nails, sugar scrub is applied to remove the dead skin cells, foot file is used to remove the hard skin from the feet. A deeply nourishing hydrating foot mask is used, the feet are then carefully wrapped in cling film and placed into heated booties. Once the heated booties have been used a rich moisturing cream is massaged into the calve and foot. The nails are then prepped and CND shellac is applied.

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CND Shellac Prices

Shellac Manicure:

Cut,file,buff,cuticle work,massage, and shellac paint

60 minutes treatment


Luxury Shellac Manicure:

Cut,file,buff,cuticle work,exfoliating sugar scrub,hydrating mask,heated mitts,massage and shellac paint

75 minute treatment


Shellac Pedicure:

Cut,file,buff,cuticle work,exfoliating sugar scrub,hydrating mask, heated mitts, massage and paint

60 minute treatment


Luxury Shellac Pedicure:

Cut,file,buff,cuticle work,hard skin removal,exfoliating sugar scrub, hydrating mask,heated booties,massage and Shellac paint

75 minute treatment



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